Our mission is to promote sustainable acequia water use and preserve the water rights of our parciantes.  Agua es vida.


Our Beginning

From the rural agricultural roots pre-1800, through the formation of the Alamos de Los Gallegos neighborhood in the 1940's to today, the use of flood irrigation has served as the core for the neighborhood's cultural distinction as an historic heritage site.  Although the neighborhood was platted around the 5 sub-laterals and multiple generations have cared for the acequia system, in 2008 Acequia de Los Alamos de Los Gallegos was formed to protect the water rights of parciantes and to push for restoration and maintenance of the 70+ year old system.

Today, we apply grant funds for renovation projects, collect maintenance fees from parciantes, work with MRGCD and state offices and ensure the responsible use of water from our system of 5 sub-laterals to over 100 households.


“El agua no se vende - el agua se defiende.”

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Get Involved

If you have an idea for the promotion and outreach of our acequia, would like to volunteer time/money/hardware or have an issue to report, please let us know!

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